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$25.00 USD

Ends on 5/15/2015

Dear Poets,

YesYes Books is happy to announce our 2015 Open Reading Period for full-length poetry manuscripts. We will publish at least one poetry collection in 2016 from this reading period with the possibility of two more in 2016/2017.

The details:

  • Submission period is April 1 - May 15.
  • All submissions must be made through our Submittable system which will take entries starting on April 1.
  • The $25 reading fee covers submission management and entitles you to one print or digital title in our current catalog (unless it is sold out). Please include your book choice and your mailing address in the Submittable cover letter.
  • Manuscripts must include 48-100 numbered pages of poetry and a table of contents. An acknowledgements page is not required but can be included.
  • A brief bio in the cover letter is optional. 
  • Manuscript revisions are not allowed during the open reading period. You are welcome to withdraw and resubmit your manuscript but it will require an additional reading fee.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine (of course!), just let us know if your manuscript is picked up elsewhere.

Thank you for considering YesYes Books for your work. We look forward to reading your manuscript!

KMA Sullivan
Publisher, YesYes Books